Huobi Global Crypto Exchange

Huobi Global Crypto Exchange- Complete Overview Of Huobi-2022

The Huobi Global crypto exchange is situated in Seychelles. Leon Li, who launched this exchange in 2013, was initially located in China when he started the company. In 2017, Huobi Global relocated its headquarters from China to Singapore, then to the Republic of Seychelles.

The Huobi Global application offers the ability to buy, sell, and trade crypto. Transfer crypto or fiat money into your dashboard, and then buy or sell crypto, spot or margin trades, or futures contracts. At Huobi Global, you can earn crypto rewards by staking, depositing, or even pooling money to get more coins.

Huobi Global crypto exchange offers crypto-to-crypto trading with a wide range of supported assets and minimal trading costs. Market participants may use the platform to place limits, stop orders, and trigger orders. They can also trade on leverage and in futures contracts. OTC trading desks, derivatives, and specialised trading tools are available to institutional traders.

Huobi Global Crypto Exchange

Is Huobi Global a good exchange?

Huobi Global is the world’s finest cryptocurrency exchange platform. Because of its user-friendly design, simplicity of access, and better performance, it is widely used. However, there have been some alarming reports about Huobi Global’s difficulties verifying users’ identities and their inability to withdraw their money. 

There are a lot of charts, order books, and crypto jargon in the basic trading view, so it isn’t the best choice for newbies. While Huobi Global is a fantastic choice for more experienced investors, those starting may want to explore elsewhere.

How do I log into my Huobi wallet?

You may access your profile symbol in the top left corner of the Huobi App by clicking on it. To access the log-in screen, click “Log In” again. So put your email address or phone number and password at registration, so log in using those details. Activate the “Log In” option.

User Interface and Mobile App:

Huobi’s mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, and it includes many of the same features as the website. Even account registration and verification may be done using the app. The Huobi Global app is a popular choice, with an average rating of 4.1 stars out of 3,730 reviews on Google Play.

In December 2018 and January 2019, some Android users said that a problem with the Captcha made it impossible for them to log in to the app.

Is Huobi allowed in the US?

Huobi Global is accessible in most countries worldwide; however, it does not support a few, like the U.S. and Japan, though users in Japan can use Huobi Japan in place of Huobi Global. 

Is Huobi better than Binance?

A comparison of total scores for Binance and Huobi’s cryptocurrency exchanges indicates that the former has a better overall score of 9.8, while the latter has a 7.9. The comparison between Binance and Huobi shows that Binance provides a better and smoother user experience than Huobi when looking at ease of use.

Trading Overview Of Huobi Global Crypto Exchange:

huobi global exchange

Many centralised exchanges serve as the sole centralised market makers. In contrast, Huobi also offers you to trading overview the counter (OTC). This proves that you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies peer-to-peer on Huobi. Even though this option exists on the exchange, it has yet to gain adoption from traders. There is a special Houbi portal only for margin traders. The header’s margin tab is where you’ll find it. From coin to coin, the amount of leverage you may have fluctuates. 

For example, Bitcoin (BTC) has seen a three-fold increase in value. Compared to other margin trading platforms, this is a rather low number. Even so, it’s a tempting alternative for prospective customers.

BTC and ETH contracts (weekly, monthly, and annually) and variable leverages of 1x, 5x, 10x, and 20x are available in December 2018 on the Huobi Derivative Market. Digital currencies will be created more in the future to fulfil the needs of investors.

Is Huobi Global Crypto Exchange Safe?


Huobi continues to outperform rival exchanges in terms of security. There have been several high-profile hacks of major exchanges, with varying degrees of impact on trade volume. Huobi had 12,000 BTC stolen from them by a Bitstamp attack in 2015. 

This, however, had nothing to do with Huobi’s safety. In 2015, Huobi reported a DDOS assault. However, no security compromise occurred as a result. One review claims that a Huobi customer lost USDT and EOS. According to one reviewer, Huobi’s 2FA was broken due to a technical mistake. 

Cold Storage:

Huobi says that Goldman Sachs helped create its risk controls. About 98% of the exchange’s money is held in cold storage wallets. To combat DDOS assaults, Huobi now uses a decentralised exchange system. A User Protection Fund Initiative is also in place.

Huobi Global Cryptocurrency Exchange Tokens will be repurchased by the exchanges using 20% of the undefined income they earn from deals (HT). Huobi Security Reserve is another service it provides. The exchange will keep 20,000 BTC as insurance as part of this. In the event of any future hacks, Huobi will be able to pay consumers due to this precaution.


  • a wide range of cryptocurrencies.
  • Low transaction costs
  • Tools for professional traders: margin, futures, advanced charting, etc.
  • Live chat guidance is available. 24 hours a day.
  • There is an app for it.


  • Beginner cryptocurrency investors are not recommended (the trading interface may be complex).
  • Live chat assistance is only accessible through desktop or mobile app downloads.
  • Not allowed in the US.


Huobi Global Crypto Exchange is an excellent exchange for non-Americans. Those who desire low-cost, wide-ranging access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Staking, lending, and depositing cryptocurrency for incentives are all options available via this trading platform, which also includes margin and futures trading. You can even borrow money against your crypto exchanges assets using it. 

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